Our Mission
The goal of hcvinfo.org is to provide resources to providers, patients, and patient supporters to help with the care of patients with hepatitis C. Through our clinics at Duke, we have gained tremendous experience in this field, and we hope to share our resources and tools.

Who We Are
Dr. Andrew MuirAndrew  Muir, MD MHS
Medical Director, hcvinfo.org

Dr. Andrew Muir is the Clinical Director of Hepatology at Duke University and the Director of Gastroenterology/Hepatology Research at the Duke Clinical Research Institute in Durham, North Carolina.  Dr. Muir is a graduate of the Duke University School of Medicine and then completed training in gastroenterology and hepatology at Duke.

Dr. Muir has more than ten years of experience treating hundreds of patients with HCV.  The Duke Liver Clinic sees more than 1500 patients with HCV annually.  Dr. Muir’s research has been involved in the development of new therapies for HCV.  He has led or participated in more than 50 clinical trials and has more than 80 publications.  Dr. Muir has also been acknowledged at Duke with the Golden Apple Award for teaching medical students, the Stead Award for teaching internal medicine residents, and the Killenberg Award for teaching gastroenterology fellows.

Susanna Naggie, MD
Associate Medical Director, hcvinfo.org

Dr. Susanna Naggie is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and the Director of Infectious Diseases Research at the Duke Clinical Research Institute.  Dr. Naggie is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and then completed internal medicine and infectious diseases training at Duke.

Dr. Naggie has more than five years of experience treating patients with HCV and HIV-HCV.  She has more than 30 publications.  Dr. Naggie has also been honored for her teaching at Duke with the General Medicine Teaching Award from the internal medicine residents.  Dr. Naggie is a member of the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) Hepatitis Task Force, IDSA HCV Curriculum Working Group (Chair), AIDS Clinical Trials Group Hepatitis Transformative Science Group, and the International Antiviral Society-USA Hepatitis Board.

Steering Committee

We are grateful to the members of our steering committee.  Dr. Muir and Dr. Naggie are joined by Dr. Mitch Mah’moud of Boice-Willis Clinic in Rocky Mount, North Carolina and Dr. Mitchell Shiffman of the Liver Institute of Virginia.


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